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But you care less! Right? I mean, we have to live and earn a living and take care of growing a family. Right? And then there are the many distractions! The Superbowl and the College Bowls, and so on. All invented by the Romans, to keep people happy and distracted and careless! Just as you are now.This year the Finnish real estate especially has seen double digit figure growth at 11.2% in 2010 first quarter as compared with 2009 first quarter. This has been the best performance for the real estate in Finland in over a decade. The prices have even risen higher in Helsinki by more than 15% this year from the previous year. For the older dwellings and block of flats the average price for the Finland real estate government is 2071 Euros per square meter. While in the area known as greater Helsinki, the rise is spectacular and the average price for these dwellings is 2169 Euros.